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Help Save Arizona State Parks Funding!

Because of State budget woes, there is legislation being considered that would take away millions of dollars of funding for the Arizona State Parks department. Not only would this potentially close many of our State Parks, including Deadhorse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, location of some great nearby winter mountain biking opportunities, it could severely impact monies spent on trails and trails planning within the State. Although you may not

Loop Trail Day November 7th at SKUNK Canyon!

For our final 2009 Loop Trail day this Saturday, we will push to connect our great new trail above Skunk Canyon to the Fisher Pt trail. Saturday’s forecast? “clear- high 63″-–a beautiful fall day. Coffee and sign-in starts at 8am, work begins at 8:30. Work stops around lunchtime. We’ve made great progress on the Loop Trail in the 2008-2009 season, encompassing 10 trail days–enlisting over 400 volunteers and accomplished nearly

Flagstaff Area Trail needs your help!

Flagstaff Biking Organization is asking Flagstaff Trail enthusiasts to help out Timberline Trail with a quick email. The proposed Timberline Trail is an urban-style trail similar to the Flagstaff Urban Trails (FUTS) that will link Flagstaff to the Timberline and Fernwood Estates in the Doney Park area. The proposed non-motorized trail is intended for hiking, bicycling and equestrian access to popular forest trails along Mount Elden and the Peaks. It will connect

Loop Trail Day October 3rd at SKUNK Canyon!

October 3rd’s Loop Trail Day once again returns to Skunk Canyon/Ridge. We continue to work on the legal issues with the Observatory Mesa easement will delay, so don’t despair… WE WILL RETURN!  Meanwhile, we built some great new trail above Skunk Canyon on our last day and we will continue to build this high quality trail toward the Fisher Point trail.  Saturday’s long-range forecast? “clear- high 68″-–a perfect fall day. DIRECTIONS: Take Lone Tree Road south to

Flagstaff's Pedestrian Awareness Week: Sept 30-Oct 7th

Now it is the Pedestrians Turn! For all the pedestrians that wanted recognition during Bike to Work Week… we present Flagstaff’s annual Pedestrian Awareness Week. Be sure to share this post with your Ped-friends, co-workers and kids! Festivities begin Wednesday, September 30 and run through next Wednesday, October 7. Please join the many organizers for this fun series of events, which are intended to celebrate Flagstaff’s walkable character and to

Loop Trail Day September 19th at SKUNK Canyon!

Our Sept 19th Loop Trail Day had to be moved from Observatory Mesa to Skunk Canyon. Legal issues with the easement will delay, but not prevent, completion of our coveted link to Cheshire, so FEAR NOT! We have some great new trail to work above Skunk Canyon that will be perfect for the waning days of summer, which are forecast to be “partly cloudy- high 76”–perfecto. We will be picking

Valet Parking attracted nearly 300 cyclists on Labor Day!

Valet bike parking was an outstanding success Labor Day when 270 cyclists pedaled to the Coconino County Fair with a free entrance for cycle-commuters. Our fair commuting cyclists then enjoyed decorative prize-winning chickens, deep-fat fried everything, and wild inverting rides; in addition to their refreshing and scenic commute along one of Flagstaff’s beautiful FUTS out to the Fair Grounds at Ft Tuthill. The 4 day fair saw nearly 400 folks

THANKS for great Loop Trail help Saturday

We had a fantastic turnout for Loop Trail work Saturday Aug 15th. Flagstaff can deliver! FBO, Coconino County, Coconino Forest Service and the City of Flagstaff send their thanks to the 54 generous spirits that donated their time to complete Segment 55 of the Loop Trail on Observatory Mesa. Next stop… Segment 56… the challenging and beautiful final link to Cheshire. We’ll need your help even more for that final

Loop Trail Day this Sat, August 15th on Observatory Mesa

The Loop Trail needs your HELP! We got a great start on this trail in June; but we will need more volunteer trail builders to reach our goal to sew the trail into a Loop by this fall! So please help us! Trail building is fun, you meet great folks who share your love of Flagstaff Trails, and you become part of the legacy of the Loop Trail in this