Join us!

Flagstaff Mountain Films & Anthill Films present the


Thursday, August 22

Doors open 6:00pm, Films start 6:30pm
The Orpheum Theatre – Downtown Flagstaff

The August showcase features “Return to Earth”! Come cruise the world with us and see all the amazing journeys our bikes can take us on. A portion of the proceeds for the night go to the Flagstaff Biking Organization, which works to promote bicycling as a safe and attractive means of transportation and recreation in Northern Arizona.

A Professional Display of No-handed Bike Moves (3:06)- By Ninian Doff. Quirky music video performed to “Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks.

The Silent Shredder (5:00)- By Joey Schusler. Armed with a wry smile and cunning skill on the bike, he is a man of few words. He prefers to let his riding do the talking. Richie Rude is the Silent Shredder.

Skidsville (2:07) – By Mike Hopkins. Diamondback welcomes you to Skidsville. Population: All of us. A project steeped in nostalgia, smelly shoes, misused hockey cards, a lack of helmets, a love of bikes, and A LOT of skids.

Siblings (3:03) – By Mike Hopkins. Over the years, we gained a lot of wisdom together, trying to best each other and take on the world. Through it all, bikes have fueled our adventures, sparked our imaginations, and continually reminded us of what’s most important: We’re all family.

Life of Pie (11:30) – By Ben Knight & Travis Rummel. In 2002, mountain bikers and entrepreneurs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to Fruita, Colorado, in search of cheap rent, world-class single track, and free time to ride. Over 15 years later, the two unconventional women have helped reshape one of the state’s most conservative towns, uniting the community through advocacy, inclusivity, and damn good pizza.

Danny Daycare (4:10) – By Danny Macaskill. He may be the world’s best trials rider but Danny Macaskill’s babysitting skills are questionable. When some friends ask the trials cyclist to watch their kid, Macaskill takes their two-year-old babe on a wild adventure around Scotland.


Return to Earth (45:00) – By Darcy Wittenburg. Time is either spent wisely, or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking. All you need is a simple machine that defies boundaries and knows no limits. This is Return to Earth, the ninth feature from award-winning adventure filmmakers Anthill Films. A cinematic journey that will immediately transport you into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride. Fly through the lush coastal jungles of Oahu. Feel the dust from Utah’s otherworldly landscapes. Lose yourself in the untouched mountains of Patagonia. Connected by true to life examples set by some of the sport’s biggest athletes, unsung shredders and up-and-coming youth, Return to Earth proves that when we lose track of time, we can make the most of it.