We have almost reached our Bike to Work Month membership drive goals but we need your help!

Bike to Work Week 2009 was a spectacular success.. With 1250 folks pedalling over 28,000 miles, we kept 15.4 metric tons of carbon from the air and burned over 260 pounds of human kibble. And we felt great!

But Flagstaff Biking’s Bike to Work Week, youth & adult education and riding programs, and trail work need an active membership. Please help us meet our goals…you won’t be barricaded from your favorite urban or singletrack trail, but we know you value these benefits of Flagstaff Biking Organization’s bike advocacy.

Help us now! Join Flagstaff Biking organization online with Paypal Here! Your bike will thank us.


Bike to Work Week News: The Winner of the Bike to Work Week Photo Contest is John Shoup. His photo of his morning trek through Ft Tuthill wins him a Burley Flatbed Bike Trailer donated generously from the Bike Shop Hub. Congratulations John!

Thanks to the other folks that submitted photos… you didn’t make the choice easy… Go HERE to see the other entries.

Keep Pedalling!

Flagstaff Biking Organization