Valet bike parking was an outstanding success Labor Day when 270 cyclists pedaled to the Coconino County Fair with a free entrance for cycle-commuters. Our fair commuting cyclists then enjoyed decorative prize-winning chickens, deep-fat fried everything, and wild inverting rides; in addition to their refreshing and scenic commute along one of Flagstaff’s beautiful FUTS out to the Fair Grounds at Ft Tuthill.

The 4 day fair saw nearly 400 folks take advantage of Flagstaff Biking Org’s first ever “Valet Bike Parking Service” with reduced or free fair tickets. Friends of Coconino County Park’s also helped run the Ramada’s booth. In conjunction with the booth, Jack Welch lead a hike each morning of the fair that garnered 160 hikers free admittance to the fair.

That was a great deal for cyclists and hikers, and given the cost of building and maintaining parking lots, not a bad deal for the county either. The response was overwhelmingly positive and many grateful folks expressed the hope the service would continue next year! YOUR WELCOME… We hope to!