The members of the Board of Flagstaff Biking Organization regret that we will not be able to promote the 2020 Flagstaff Biking Organization Trail Days trail work events.

In light of the uncertainties presented by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are not comfortable proceeding with the program. Additionally, the U.S. Forest Service and Coconino County Parks and Recreation have current, and probably changing, restrictions on what activities they will be authorized to facilitate. Volunteer programs are significantly restricted or cancelled for all or part of the season.

Even if there were to be some miracle cure and/or vaccine, we are aware of the toll that our partner businesses have paid even thus far and we would not be comfortable asking for the donations of money, time and materials necessary to promote the events.

If there is a subsidence in the severity of risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus throughout the summer and/or fall, we will probably proceed with promoting some less formal opportunities to get out and work on trails. Please follow Flagstaff Biking Organization and the Flagstaff Trail Faeries on Facebook, or check FBO’s web site, to keep up-to-date on this should it happen.

Additionally, we will be working, hopefully, towards completion of Little Elden and Heart Trails with the Flagstaff Trail Faeries and American Conservation Experience as we are allowed by health guidelines and regulations. These realignments may be open sooner rather than later if work can proceed as we expect at this point.

We encourage everyone to get out and ride the trails during “social distancing”. Please keep group sizes down and give other trail users a wide berth, (six feet). Ride from home and minimize trail head use. We have seen actions by other Forest Service Districts restricting the use of some popular trails and access points because of concern over folks recreating or hanging out too close to one another. We’d rather that things remain open because people are behaving responsibly, so keep all the current guidelines in effect in your activities.

In light of these uncertain times, we ask that you try to support all local businesses and, in particular, keep in mind the previous Trail Days Sponsors listed below.

Keep Riding Flagstaff!

The Flagstaff Biking Organization Board 
  Jolene Montoya
  Melissa Dunstan
  Stephanie McCarthy
  Anthony Quintile
  Joe Hazel

Thank you 2019 Trail Program Sponsors!

Food and Beverage Sponsors
Biff’s Bagels
Fratelli Pizza
KickStand Kafe
Nackard Pepsi

Trail Day Sponsors
Absolute Bikes
Aspen Sports
Cosmic Cycles
Flagstaff Bicycle
Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution
Mountain Sports
Run Flagstaff
Single Track Bicycle Shop

We appreciate the ongoing Trail Program Partner support from

Flagstaff Ranger District-Coconino National Forest
Coconino County Parks and Recreation
Arizona Trail Association
Coconino Trail Riders
Northern Arizona Trail Runners
Coconino Horsemen’s Alliance
American Conservation Experience
Arizona Conservation Corps