An the winners of the 2013 Flagstaff Bike to Work Week Worksite Challenge are…(CORRECTED/UPDATED!!)

The bad news is that a clerical mistake was brought to our attention by a competitor, and the interested party was correct. We simply overlooked the winning Large Worksite in our spreadsheet when executing a manual part of our calculations. The good news is that we were able to obtain an additional bike, so we will have a first and second place award for the participants in the Large Worksite category. Sorry for the confusion…


  • 1ST PLACE WINNER: USGS Building 3-4-5: 39.83%
  • 2ND PLACE WINNER: Lowell Observatory: 19.62%
  • FMC Surgical Services: 10.22%


  • WINNER: Arizona Raft Adventures: 79.89%
  • Deckers Outdoor Corp.:  51.43%
  • Honorable mention to Absolute Bikes, 100%, who will once again cede the winning position since they are helping to provide the prize bike.


  • WINNER: COF Sustainability & Environ. Mngt:  82%
  • Flagstaff Live/ Mtn Living: 78.62%
  • Heinfeld Meech & Co. P.C.: 76.67%

Challenge winners will be contacted in the not too distant future to set up an time to award the prize bikes and trailer.

Huge thanks to our Worksite Challenge Sponsors:

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