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Sharing the Road

Every Day’s Bike to Work-School-Errands Day here at FBO. This is your commuting resource place.

Kathy blows up many things in her lab, but NEVER her commuting bike!

This page is a resource for all things commuting.

We have resources for commuting-related legislation, including the new congressional law that will give a tax break to bike commuters.


Bicycle Achievements since the BTWW 2008

  • FBO’s Bike to Work Week-2008 was enormously successful with participation increasing 52% over 2007’s best levels.
  • Lake Mary Road (widening) Project was funded last summer, work began this March, and it should be done fall of 2009.
  • Loop Trail construction began in 2008, 5 years after FBO first proposed it in 2003. Sixty volunteers have already built 0.6 miles and repaired 0.3 miles on 3 trail days.
  • Bike lanes: The City added 11.6 miles to Rt. 66 and Fort Valley Road (Hwy 180), for a current total of 58.6 miles.
  • FUTS: The City added 5.8 miles of FUTS (3.9 miles paved and 1.9 miles aggregate) for a total of 49 miles.
  • The new East Flag Traffic Interchange (near the mall) enhanced east-west Rt. 66 travel.
  • The NAIPTA Mountain Line bus fleet was enhanced to accept 3 bikes in their on-bus racks.
  • The new Flagstaff Commuter map will be issued for BTWW.
  • SafeKids/FBO’s 7 Bike Rodeos taught 3000 children bike safety.
  • The Trips for Kids Program took 23 disadvantaged kids on 8 rides.
  • SafeKids/FBO sold 643 helmets at or below cost to children, another 100 were given away.
  • FBO’s Youth Mountain Biking Program ran 26 mountain bike rides for kids age 10-15
  • The FBO Trails Program built or maintained several miles of local trail with the help of numerous volunteers.
  • The Mobile Trails Program built or maintained 30 water bars on local trails.
  • FBO had resource booths at Earth Day Fair, Raymond Park Picnic, and the Sustainability Fair.
  • The City printed guidelines for bike parking for developers.
  • The City and FBO will conduct Flagstaff’s first ever bicycle Traffic Skills training for adults this May.
  • A Helmet Law for children is under consideration in Flagstaff.
  • A Federal Tax Fringe Benefit for Cyclists was passed last fall.
  • FBO adds a “Community Ride and Events” webpage
  • City and FBO conduct first annual Bicycle Town Hall Meeting (now called Community Bicycle Forum) and a bike commuter survey
  • FBO collaborated with dozens of local to national businesses and non-profits; city, county, state and federal government offices, and local advisory committees to promote its mission: To promote bicycling as a safe and attractive means of transportation and recreation in Northern Arizona.
    Flagstaff Biking Organization would like to thank all of its members and sponsors for supporting all of these efforts.


The latest in Maps for the safest bike commuting routes

Here’s a PDF of the upcoming bike-ped commuter MAPS are now available online, thanks to Martin Ince, showing the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS), bike lanes, routes, and much more!  Follow these links and print them for yourself if you can’t find one– they will be available and distributed in May. These will be distributed FREE to Bike to Work Week participants!

City of Flag’s FUTS map (pdf, May 2009 version, 1.5Mb)

Here is City of Flag’s 11×17 inch FUTS map,(pdf, 1.4Mb), a smaller version designed to print on 11×17 inch sheets.

Traffic Skills 101 Bicycle Course comes to Flagstaff

The City of Flagstaff, in collaboration with Flagstaff Biking, offered a Traffic Skills 101 course on May 2nd. This class is the first step in becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) through the League of American Bicyclists. LCI certified people can teach bicycle education courses, like Traffic Skills 101, and it’s a great way to help cyclists ride safer as well as to promote bicycle education in Flagstaff. If you are an experienced cyclist and interested in teaching others, please consider taking the next steps toward certification. If there is enough interest, we may be able to schedule an LCI instructor seminar here in Flagstaff this fall.

Having a small pool of League Cycling Instructors in Flagstaff will allow us to conduct regular bicycle education courses, which over time helps to create a more educated and skillful population of bicyclists and makes Flagstaff more bicycle-friendly.

For more information on the LCI certification process, visit the League’s website at http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/education/seminars.php

Traffic Skills 101 Bicycle Course
This fast-paced course teaches cyclists the principles of vehicular cycling and is designed to give cyclists the confidence to ride skillfully and safely in any traffic conditions at any time! Participants will learn:

  • How to predict and avoid crashes City of Flagstaff
  • On-bike skills
  • Bicycle safety checks
  • State bicycle laws
  • Last minute bail-outs
  • Fixing a flat
  • Bicycle and helmet fit

The class benefits both new and veteran cyclists, and is recommended for adults and children age 14 and above. This course is part of a premiere street bicycling program; both the course curriculum and the instructors are certified by the League of American Bicyclists. The May 2nd class was full and there are plans to schedule a second class in the future.

There is no cost for the course. An optional collection of about $10 each will be taken for lunch. Space is limited to 15 cyclists.

Please contact Martin Ince, Multi-Modal Transportation Planner, at 928-226-4850 or mince@flagstaffaz.gov, if you are interested in attending the next class sometime in June.

Commuting tips, resources and information:

More Marked Lanes For Cyclists On West Route 66

Through collaboration between ADOT and the City of Flagstaff, repaving of Route 66 now includes marked lanes for biking along Route 66 and Milton from Flagstaff Ranch Road (near Woody Mt) to Switzer Canyon. See details here. While these lanes are not specifically signed for cycling, and are a little narrower than standard bike lanes, they give cyclist a better margin of safety and more recognition on the road, reports Martin Ince, multi-modal planner for the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Office. These striped lanes are similar to the lanes painted last spring along most of Fort Valley Road, a complement to the FUTS linking Cheshire to town (amid great rejoicing by many cyclists). Some bike-commuters may prefer staying on quieter streets, but for those who want to flow with the main traffic, these lanes give cyclists a greater margin of safety on more routing options.

Please join FBO in THANKING these cooperators in providing these lanes! You can send your thanks to ADOT, (Mike Sanders), COF, and the Multi-modal planner (Martin Ince) here.