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Helmet and Bicycle Safety Education Program

course.jpgSince 2004, Flagstaff Biking Organization has been responsible for the Safekids Helmet Program and Rodeo Events in Coconino County. Run in collaboration with the Coconino County SafeKids Coalition, Flagstaff Biking Organization recruits hundreds of volunteers each year to make this children’s safety program a success.

HELMET PROGRAM: The easiest way for a child to avoid serious injury in a bicycle related accident is to simply wear a helmet. Recognizing that cost could be a barrier, Flagstaff Biking Organization helps to raise funds to be able to offer helmets at below cost. Over the years, we’ve seen a 500% increase ! In addition to offering helmets at below cost, we also offer ogoing_left.jpg free helmets to children whose families cannot afford the expense.

BICYCLE RODEOS: Flagstaff Biking Organization also presents bicycle rodeos in elementary schools in Coconino county. Geared for children ages 8-12, this event teaches kids safe riding skills while having fun! After viewing a bicycle safety video in their classroom and shown the correct way to wear a helmet, (and the importance of wearing one!) children come outside and have a first hand experience of road riding. Volunteers set up a “faux” road course complete with street signs and pedestrian crosswalks in an existing parking lot. Volunteers lead children through the course while teaching them proper hand signals and rules of the road. Flagstaff Biking Organization volunteers also show children (and adults) how to fit helmets to their head properly and give a short presentation on safety and the importance of safety gear (lights at night, etc.). While some children learn safety on their own bike, our program is able to offer bicycles for children who do not have one available for the Rodeo.

Bicycle Rodeo at Marshall Elementary