We have recently signed up with Trail Care to help raise money to build and maintain trails in Flagstaff using donations you can make through Strava!

Trail Care makes it super easy for Strava users to support the trails they ride by enabling fast, easy and fun micro donations.

Each time you upload an activity to Strava, Trail Care will process it and check if it matches the jurisdiction of any participating organizations. If it does, Trail Care will send you an email asking if you’d like to complete your donation.

You choose the amount to donate based on your cents/mile setting. You can change it anytime, or opt out of donation emails altogether. It’s up to you.

Trail Care will never make donations on your behalf without your explicit permission, so there’s no commitment when you sign up. You can even use Trail Care without a credit card: Trail Care will still tell you how many miles you’ve ridden on maintained trails.

Flagstaff Biking Organization will only use your donations to hire professional trail crews to build or maintain trails, or to otherwise directly fund trail maintenance or construction activities. We do not use any of these funds for administrative or any other indirect expenses.

The idea is to make the act of charitable giving more closely tied to the ride itself. Basically, if you’re stoked from a great ride on some amazing trails why not throw the people responsible for maintaining them a few bucks right then and there?

Want to give it a try? 

#1. Visit:  https://www.trail.care/

#2. Click on “Connect with Strava” 

#3. Choose your cents per mile and connect payment card if desired

#4. Go ride.  If you ride a segment marked on Flagstaff Biking Organization’s Trail Care Profile Map and you upload your activity to Strava, you will receive an email that will ask you to complete your donation based on the number of miles you completed.