The Worksite Challenge

How it works…

Are you “the bike commuter” where you work? If so we need your help! 

We need you to help inspire your co-workers to try bike commuting, if just for this one week. Bike to Work Week is an awesome opportunity to let your co-workers see how rewarding bike commuting can be and we want to reward you for setting a great example. 

More pedalers = More success!

Together we’ll feel healthier, reduce congestion on Flagstaff streets, and lower our carbon footprint. Plus, free parking!

To encourage greater participation and to help biking become a habit, we are counting 5 days, Monday-Friday. This means the coordinator needs to provide FBO with worksite total numbers every day.

FBO urges each worksite to enhance the BTWW challenge with intra- and inter worksite challenges.

Put up your own incentives or prizes and check results at the end of the week. 

Starting Monday, May 21, all bike commuters should go to our website to log your commute.

The Basics:

  • Register your worksite! (if it does not currently exist in the form)
  • One representative from each worksite should tell us the maximum number of people who generally work at your worksite per day.
  • The winning worksite will be based on the average of all five days’ worksite scores.
  • Flagstaff Biking Organization will announce the worksite category winners Tuesday, May 30th, on the website.
  • The winning category worksites will be recognized with a plaque from Flagstaff Biking Organization that appropriately acknowledges their awesomeness.
  • Flagstaff Biking will draw from the list of entered bicycle commuters for raffle prizes every day of the week.
  • All riders who enter a commute on the BTWW website for ALL 5 DAYS, whether affiliated with a worksite or not, will be entered into a raffle for BIG prizes to be awarded on Tuesday, May 30th,

Worksite Challenge Rules:

  1. Workplaces of any size may compete in the BTWW Worksite Challenge. 
  2. The worksite challenge officially takes place from Monday May 21 at 12:00am until Friday May 25 at 11:59pm. Log-ins for each day should be completed by 11:59pm on the day for which data is being entered.
  3. Redundant entries will be deleted. Please do not cheat.  
  4. Registering Worksite must be legitimate businesses with a physical address.
  5. If the challenge is tied after the 5 days, the winning team will have the longest average miles per person commuted.  If there is a tie in longest average commute, a random drawing between the tied worksites will determine the winner.
  6. If a bike is used for running errands, those miles can be included in the round trip miles. Recreational cycling does not count toward your commuter miles, only those miles you would have used a car for otherwise.

Any Questions?