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So ends another triumphant Bike to Work, School and Errands Week!

But does bike to work week really ever conclude…??? I don’t think so!

It is a Spectacular and Never-Ending EVENT!

Over 1250 pedalers logged in 3400 times last week for a distance of 28,000 miles! That’s more than 8000 miles and 850 more log-ins than 2008!

What we accomplished…

  • We pedaled away 260 pounds of fat
  • The equivalent of eating either 1300 Big Macs, 5400 veggie burgers, 6000 Fat Tire ales, or 21,000 servings of broccoli.
  • We spared our air… 1800 gallons of gasoline, 9300 pounds of CARBON, and 15.4 Metric TONS of Carbon Dioxide!
  • We burned of 2200 hours of stress!
  • The average commute was 8.3 miles and took about 38 minutes.

Bikes are awesome! As are the folks that ride them!

Winners of the Worksites Challenge were announced on The EAGLE on Monday May 18th at 9:12 am. And they are…

Large Worksite: Lowell Observatory under Allison Bair’s leadership: 52%, 8.3 miles/commute. Contenders at the USGS were once again squeezed out at 46%, FMC-ICU and COF Public Library tied for 3rd. This is Lowell’s 3rd Breezer Bike win.

Medium Worksite: AZ Raft Adventures under Kim Lucy 57.4% and 7.7 miles/commute, in a very tight competition with NAU Ecological Restoration Inst and Bookmans… all within 1.5%. AZRA’s high mileage was their trump card. This is AZRA’s FIRST (correction-we got it wrong) Breezer Bike. Congratulations!

Small Worksite: Absolute Bikes under Anthony Quintile’s firm hand, garnering 100% once again. This prize they’re keeping! Lunch at Fratelli Pizza. They were chased by COF Sustainability & Environmental Management, and tied COF Police-Community Relations and NAU Honors Program, all in the 80%’s.

Nanos: Project TIA Elementary, 100%, and Flag Metro Planning Org 80%.

The MTB v Roadies Challenge: The ambidextrous and commuters came out on top with 14,500 mi pedaled, but perhaps not surprisingly, the mountain bikers (5,750 miles) trumped the roadies (2,780 miles) in this mountain town with limited clear pavement… Next year may change things when the Lk Mary road expansion is open!

Friday… the Cyclo-bration at Uptown Billiards was a nice and mellow conclusion to the week. Diane Peterson held the lucky ticket for the New Belgium Brewery Red Cruiser Bike. That was one happy gal! Photo contest entries were up for voting but the winner of the Burley Flatbed Trailer is still in the air. We will post the digital photos as soon as possible.

See detailed worksite challenge results HERE.

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Today’s Bonus Commuter of the Day is 8th grader Zach Morris. In honor of school commuters everywhere and our push to expand that demographic, Zach is a student at Flagstaff Middle School. See our interview with this everyday student biker Here.

The 2009 Bicycle Commuter Survey is OPEN! Please take 10 minutes to fill it out and let FBO and city planners know what you think about cycling in Flagstaff.

Friday’s Prize Winners!

  • Charlie Silver – WL Gore-Medical West: Altitudes Bar & Grill: $25 gift certificate & Frisbee
  • Jon Hall – Southwest Windpower: Batteries Plus: Streamlight LED Headlamp
  • Megan Plunkett – Flagstaff Middle School-Staff: Coconino County: 1 ticket to Queensrÿche, May 31st
  • Marty Eckrem – Coco Co Health Dept: Coconino County: Family pack tickets to County Fair in September
  • Mike MacPhee – NAU School of Communication: Coconino County: Family pack tickets to Ft Tuthill horse races
  • Kathee Rose – NAU Cline Library: CompuTech “Break/Fix”: $150 computer Tuneup
  • Amanda Bosh – Lowell Observatory: Cosmic Cycles T-shirt
  • Emily Clough – Lowell Observatory: Emmitt Barks Cartography: Sedona & Flagstaff Trails Map Set
  • Mark Steddom – NAU ITS Comp & Comm Systems: Flagstaff Bike & Fitness: $20 Gift certificate
  • Rick Stanionis – COF Engineering- Chasement: Green Room: $25 gift certificate
  • Angela Crossley – USFS Peaks Ranger Stn-Main: Jandd Mountaineering/ Absolute Bikes: Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier
  • Janet Wilson – FMC Pediatrics: Jandd Mountaineering/ Absolute Bikes: Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier
  • CeAnn Myers – NAU Gateway Success Center: Mountain Sports: Life is good Biker Chic Tee $25
  • Rick Ernenwein – Grand Canyon National Park: NAU Bookstore: Bike books Goodie bundle
  • David Bereson – Summit Center: Synergy Total Fitness: “4 Class” Passes

Prize winners will be reached by email to instruct them where to get their prizes SOMETIME THIS WEEK! THANKS TO ALL OUR GENEROUS DONORS!

Thanks TO EVERYONE for participating BTWW 2009! From our sponsors big and small, our heroic worksite coordinators, our super-volunteers and each and every participant, from FLAGSTAFF BIKING…


And remember: Everyday is Bike to Work, School or Errands Day in Northern Arizona!

Pedal Safe & Friendly! ––Susan and everyone at Flagstaff Biking Organization