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2015 Trail Day Schedule is live!

Our 2015 Trail Day Schedule is live! Click here for the complete schedule! May 2nd, Roger’s Lake connector June 6th, National Trails Day, Picture Canyon June 27th, Campbell Mesa maintenance July 25th, Upper Little Elden (Schultz Tank working down hill) August 15th, Roger’s Lake connector September 12th, Little Bear rehabilitation September 26th, Pedals v. Pistons v. Horseshoes v. Hiking Boots, western Secret Trail maintenance October 17th, Little Bear rehabilitation Save some

Help save trail funding-Say “no” to sweep by Arizona’s Governor and Legislature

In an effort to balance the Arizona budget, Governor Ducey has proposed sweeping funding from the Arizona State Parks OHV Decal Fund. You may ask, “why should I care about OHV Funds being swept”? For several reasons- 1) This funding has helped to build and maintain many multiple-use trails throughout the State that are used by  mountain bikers. Locally, the Fort Valley Trail System will be benefiting directly from these

Donate some of that money you got for Christmas to the Fort Tuthill Bike Park!

We are still trying to raise money for the next phases of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park! Click here to donate now! Your money will be used to move dirt, buy features and construct things like the new skills features, pump tracks, dirt jumps and more! Any amount will help, even only a dollar! A donation of $40 will get you a rad sticker. A donation of $100 or more

Fort Tuthill Bike Park Flow Trails Open, Please Contribute Towards Future Construction!

Phase 1 of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park is Completed and Open! We have completed “Phase 1″ of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park and formally signed it over to the stewardship of the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department to maintain for YOU! This phases consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced flow trails and the tot track: something for the whole family! The tot track is for little kids, any

Volunteer Training for Ft. Tuthill Bike Park Maintenance! Monday, November 10th, 1:00 – 5:00 PM

BIKE PARK MAINTENANCE VOLUNTEER TRAINING!! THIS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm. At the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park, just north of Flag X Adventure Course. If you’d like to be part of a dedicated crew volunteering for Coconino County Parks and Rec to maintain the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park, you’ll need to attend this training. Requirements: -Be able handle some basic paperwork. -Be available to assist in watering and compacting

72 Bike Racks Installed for Flagstaff Schools!

Thanks to our friends at REI, Inc. who granted FBO a $10,000 grant,  Flagstaff Biking Organization was able to provide 72 bike racks at 27 FUSD, charter, and private schools in Flagstaff (see list below), and will help make sure that that every school in Flagstaff has convenient, functional, secure bicycle parking. Although many schools in Flagstaff have some bike racks, almost all of them are either a not very

Helping make the case for safe cycling at Kinlani Bordertown Dormitory

On October 1st, FBO, Flagstaff Police Department, Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, (FMPO), and Coconino County Public Health Services District, (CCPHSD), met with Kinlani Dorms Student Council leaders and faculty members to assist them in making a case for allowing bicycles to be used by students living at the dorms. At that time students were prohibited from using bicycles because the Kinlani Dorms leadership believed that bicycles are unsafe. FBO then

Help build the new Roger’s Lake Connector Trail! Saturday, October 25th, near Woody Mountain Road

October 25th, Roger’s Lake connector Once completed, this trail will connect the Roger’s Lake Trail System to the Flagstaff Loop Trail and Ft. Tuthill Trail System. What a great addition to the Flagstaff area trail network! Directions: To get to the meeting location, travel on West Route 66 to Woody Mountain Road. Turn left and travel approximately 3 miles on Woody Mountain Road. Turn left at the signs to the event

Guest post from Flagstaff City Manager Kevin Burke on City Prop 406- Road Repair and Street Safety

Flagstaff has over 660 lane miles of roads — many of them in declining condition with potholes and other problems. Safe streets connect people to work, doctors’ offices, grocery stores; places that are vital to everyone’s well being. Safe roads help everyone – including transit riders, bicyclists and pedestrians. The Flagstaff City Council is asking voters to decide on a city sales tax dedicated for road repair and street safety.

Guest post from Supervisor Matt Ryan on Prop 403, County Initiative for Road Maintenance Sales Tax

“All Modes Use Roads!” Prop 403 is the County Initiative for Road Maintenance Sales Tax. I say “All Modes Use Roads!!!” and they provide great cycling opportunities with the ability to shift in the city from bike to bus, road to trail; and outside the city from vehicle to trail, and/or longer rides such as from your home to Mormon Lake, or perhaps Clints Well on Lake Mary Road or