photo of Melissa DunstanMelissa Dunstan – Safe Kids Director
Looking for some adventure, Melissa moved to Arizona in 1995 after completing her Biology degree from the University of Georgia. After some time in the Colorado River desert, she yearned for community and a more active lifestyle and moved to Flagstaff in 2001. She has served on the FBO Board since 2003. She is a recreational mountain and road cyclist and has been active in many cycling advocacy groups, including the Flagstaff Bicycle Advisory Committee. She was also a board member of Summit Velo, FBO’s sister competitive cycling organization and during that time worked alongside another FBO Board member, T.C. Eberly, to promote the road race, Summit Center Classic, in Flagstaff. She is one of three members of the Flag Velo, Inc. executive board. She currently works side by side with Coconino County Safe Kids to promote a Bicycle Education Program and the Helmet Program, which offers helmets to all Flagstaff Elementary students below cost and free to those that cannot afford one.

photo of TC Eberly
T.C. Eberly

T.C. joined the board in October 2008. He is a member of the Flag Velo, Inc. executive board and has shifted his focus from amateur race promotion to community events. He adds a long history of event planning in Flagstaff including the Summit Center Classic and Arizona State Championship Road Races.  In addition, he was a finalist in the 2008 NBRCDO (National Bike Rodeo Course Design Olympics). FBO looks forward to his help in upcoming events and fundraisers.

photo of Anthony Quintile

Anthony Quintile
Is an 20-year bicycle industry veteran with experience in all things cycling from working as a bicycle messenger in New York City and San Francisco to managing 2 different Top 100 U.S. bicycle shops: Poison Spider Bicycles, Moab , UT, (Bicycle Dealer Showcase Top 100) and Absolute Bikes, Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ, (BRAIN Top 100). Currently he is the general manager of Absolute Bikes with locations in Flagstaff and Sedona, he is responsible for two high profile charity cycling events: The Taylor House Benefit Century Ride, and the Flagstaff Family Food Center Old Fashioned Mountain Bike Race and he is a board member with Flag Velo, Inc., and Flagstaff Biking Organization, a highly successful and comprehensive cycling advocacy group.

photo of Dave Needham

Dave Needham
Dave Needham was a late comer to cycling, it wasn’t until 2006 when he moved to Flagstaff that he got his first bike. It was only by coincidence that Dave met FBO after transporting the Safe Kids/FBO Bike Rodeo trailer to an event at an elementary school and they haven’t been able to get rid of him since. Dave now owns four bikes and rides competitively in mountain bike races around the state along with his two daughters Miranda and Hailey. As a member of the Flagstaff Police Department Dave uses his knowledge of the law to educate bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists and fellow officers about safety and the rules of the road.

photo of Jack Welch
Jack Welch

Jack Welch came to Flagstaff from St Louis MO to retire in 1876, just prior to the BNSF Railroad, on one of the first bicycles ever invented. He is one of the cornerstones to cycling and pedestrian advocacy in Flagstaff, and one of the old-timers to FBO. His endless enthusiasm, dogged spirit, passion and dedication to creating, maintaining and enjoying the scenic and cycling attributes of Flagstaff earned him the FBO Brick Award for 2008. Overdue and over-earned, the Brick Award for Jack recognizes his years of supporting bike issues, and Jack continues to fight for the Bicycle Friendly Community of Flagstaff.

photo of Jolene HayesJolene Hayes

Jolene moved to Flagstaff 10 years ago from Iowa.  She was starting to go mad from all the cornfields and found the peaks soothing.  She didn’t really do much biking until a fellow co-worker (you know who you are) got her riding for Bike to Work week.  After 1-2 years of doing that, she started to ride to work during the warmer months.  Now she is a commuter biker riding to work and about town on errands from April/May until October/November.  Jolene also loves to bake and decorate cakes.  You may have seen some of her works at the County fair.  She also volunteers her time with 4-H doing various things.

Photos courtesy of Studio TLP