Trail Day

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September 20th, Pedals v. Pistons v. Horseshoes v. Hiking Boots, Kelly Multi-use Trail Project

September 20th, Pedals v. Pistons v. Horseshoes v. Hiking Boots, Kelly Multi-use Trail Project JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Let’s see which trail user group can show up in the greatest numbers for this great trail! A lovely trophy is on the line for the winning group… they will hold that trophy

Bike Commuter Advocacy

Please participate in this walking and biking survey for the City of Flagstaff!

The City of Flagstaff, in partnership with North Country Health Care’s Hermosa Vida project, is conducting a short survey on walking and biking to help us identify places in Flagstaff where it’s good to walk or bike, and places where walking and biking need improvement.  Information from the survey will

Mountain Bike Advocacy

September 27th, Little Bear Trail Restoration

September 27th, Little Bear restoration Help us to repair the Little Bear Trail! As a result of the lack of vegetation from the Schultz Fires and flooding caused by some freakish monsoon storms last year, Little Bear was badly damaged in a few spots. If we get a whole bunch

Road Bike Advocacy

HIghway 180, Columbus Ave. to Snowbowl Road Pavement Preservation and Improvements

Last year we made several contacts with ADOT trying to find out the status of some repairs to the pavement along Highway 180 between Flagstaff and the Snowbowl area. As is often the case with government projects, changes were in the works, but would take some time. Please check out

Kids on Bikes

Bike to Work Week: Thursday Update! Join us this evening for a cruiser ride and some ice cream, tommorow we’ll buy you a beer!

Jack and Martin’s Excellent Adventure, tonight, 5:30, Downtown Public Library Meet us this evening at 5:30 pm, City Hall, downtown Flagstaff for a short fun cruise on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Martin Ince, the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Multi-modal Planner will be your guide. He’ll point out interesting things


Valet parking at the Coconino County Fair to Benefit the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park!

Ride your bike to the County Fair! Avoid traffic, reduce your carbon footprint, have a fun ride AND help to build the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park! FBO is hosting  a free valet service for all cyclists who ride to the fair. Leave your bike lock at home and your bike with